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Hello good people of America!!!

We're heading into the final 4 weekends of the contest and this thing is pretty much up for grabs....meaning, we're all doing soo terrible that anyone has a shot to win this thing.
I just scribbled up a guestimated final top 20 and it DOES NOT include
The Happening ($64 million)
X-files (not a real shocker)
Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon War Stories (yep, call me psychic)
Sisterhood Pants 2 (see I already knew you were going to do)
(and sorry Fran) but Swing Vote....really???

The final flick making the list is Hellboy 2 with 75-76 million in spot #20, assuming Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder both pass it by (and I'd lay a LOT of money in that happening...which is a bummer for me as I have Hellboy 2 at #19 with 77 and could really use those bonus points : (

All that said, lets get to the scratches for this update (and no, I didn't cross off SW just yet for the purpose of scratches since there is a teeny chance I could be wrong about it).
On the bottom this time....

Don 30 (one of the many losing 2 this week thanks to Mulder and Scully)
Russ 30 (last years champ needs a strong finish)
KB 30 (seems 3 is the magic # this week....if you add a 0 to it)
Sean 29 (has at least flicks within 5 million though so far)
Chrisitan 29 (needs Panda to beat out Wall E for some points)
Corey 29 (another past champ that needs some help)
Peter 27 (he's in my boat for Hellboy 2)
Fran 26 (needs Pants 2 to make up for Costner's dud)
Smokey 24 (just needs help.....everywhere)
Troy 23 (Pants, Panda and Pineapple can all help him out)
Melissa 23 (fell just behind the old man this week....)
Duane 22 (and both are hoping for Wall E at #5)
....and back in the lead (again),
Nicole 20 (still looking at HUGE points IF Iron Man fnishes at #2)

That's for this week's update, folks. I'll be back in the next week (or two) updating on the final couple weeks left and who's looking to take home some money.
Speaking of money, how's about Troy, Corey, Russ and Kernan send some my way?

Have a good week folks and try and avoid any Mummies at your local theatre in the mean one likes Mummies.


PS Anyone else besides Peter doing the EW contest? If so, what are your (and Peter's)screen names? I'm gonna need to try and beat you people at something this summer as it ain't looking too good for me here.

PPS In case you're curious, I use smokeyling (not a big surpise, I know : ) and am still hover around the top 10 so far.




Hello everyone,

I'm guessing by the grosses that y'all have seen The Dark Knight at least 3 times by, that's gonna change things at the top of the summer list as it should pass by Iron Man and Indy before Labor day without too much effort....leaving NO ONE with the #1 movie guessed correctly this year. Course it could pull a Hellboy 2 and drop like a rock next weekend, but I highly doubt it.
Anyway, I'm also guessing that Donny junior will have an update before too long so I'll leave the rest of the speculation to him and just get straight to America's favorite thing, Smokey's Scratches (if all goes well, soon to be a weekly show on the CW : )

This time around, things have tightened up a bit and we're all within a mere 10 scratches of each other, meaning it's pretty much anyones game at this point of the summer!!

Remember, the lower the number of scratched things, the better your chances to get some points and actually win this!

Starting at the bottom (since you gotta start somewhere)

Don (aka unky don don) with 23 (another 6 X'd out this time)
Christian 23 (has TDK with $322 so it aint all bad)
Russ 22 (last year's champ lost out on 7 more)
Sean 21 (Meet Dave tanking was a quick goodbye to 2 of his 8 scratches)
Corey 21 (only 2 this time, the low among the group)
KB 19 (the other person to lose 8 this time : |
Fran 16 (only 4, but having 'Dave' with $145 should cost ya more)
Duane 15 (splitting up the married couple leads to this...)
Melissa 15 (...pretty much the exact same things scratched)
Troy 14 (only 4 erased, which is almost as good as...)
Peter 14 (who had only 3 lost this week)
Smokey 13 (the numbers are a disaster, but lots of rankings left)
And once again, the leader as of now...
Nicole 12 (Kit Kitteredge cost you 50% of your scratches this time)

That's it for now folks, I'm off to comic-con to do research on next year's contest flicks so have a great week and I'll be back in a bit...ish!!


PS I'm still waiting on 4 peeps left to pay me... you know who you are!! Next time, I start naming names (which will cause so much embarrassment, you'll pay up within mere minutes!!!).


Greetings and salutations peeps,

Since Don graced us with an update this week, I figured it was only fair I do the same and send out the first batch of 'scratches' this season.
(those veterans that know how this works can skip the next couple sentences)
How it works is that as the summer goes along I'll start a final grosses list for the stuff that's opened and use that to cross off rankings & grosses from everyone's lists.
We all have 40 chances to get points (not including the bonuses for getting ranking and also gross within $5 million) and these numbers that follow are the number of either catagory I've already decided you're not getting the points on.
Of course, this is just my own prediction, but I've got over 15 years of doing this so I (kinda) know what I'm talking about...and yes, I have made mistakes in the past so don't hold to me to this 6 weeks from now : )

Here's the list, and remember, the lower the number, the better your odds this summer...which means this guy ain't gonna be happy leading this off.

Corey, 19 scratches (the '06 champ is the only one with Wall-E #1 so that could be huge)
Don, 17
Christian, 16
Russ, 15
Sean, 13
Fran, 12
Duane, 11
KB, 11
Peter, 11
Melissa, 10
Troy, 10
Smokey, 9
and the scratch leader as of this first update
Nicole with a mere 8 scratched off her list. Congrats...though this means pretty much nothing so don't go spending your winnings just yet : )

Speaking of $$$, props to Christian for getting me a check last week..she joins Nicole as the only people I've received money from (though I know a few folks paid Don already and he blew the cash on coke and whores so I'll get that from him sooner or later). The rest of ya, please pay me SOON!!!

Have a good 4th (and 5th & 6th) of July folks and try not to blow any fingers off!!!

Cya in a week or so with another round of scratches,



Hello cinemaheads (and yes, I just made that word up....aren't I clever?),

Well, the summer is winding down and that means our little contest is doing the same so this will be the next to last bit of scratchers for everyone.
Before we get to it though, I want to applaud the LONE yahoo that paid me since the last time I told y'all to to...mister Christian Froude, thanks for the check. The remaining four deadbeats will get an email to follow this one with the payment info yet again.
So, here we go...but remember, no one is running away with it this year so even you only have a few chances left (ie things not scratched) you've still got a shot at some prize $$!!
Kernan  36  (a rough week but one of the few to have Spidey #1)
Roy  35   (seven new ones seems to be about the norm this time)
KB  33   (looks to nail Shrek 3 exactly!!!)
Christian  32   (close on the grosses for at least 4 flicks)
Mike C. 32  (the rare person to have Shrek 3 ranked correctly)
Don  32   (just MIGHT nab 20 points for Ratatouille....we'll see)
Fran  32  (what up with all the cool kids having 32?!?)
Smokey  32   (see what I mean??   besides that though, a rough week for yours truly)
Corey  31  (just might have #1 and #20 ranked right...and no other ones  :  |
Jamie  31 (if Shrek - which looks to be out of theatres - can find another 0.3 million, big pts!!)
Duane/Melissa  30  (lots of things look to give em some points this year)
Troy  29  (needs Harry Potter to stop making $$$  TODAY for big points!)
Nicole  29  (3-4 things real close, but she'll need some help)
Russ  28  (If Ratatouille can hit 202 this could be his year)
   and heading into the stretch with the lead is....
Sean 24  (his perfect top 8 is now only a possible 6...ONLY?!?..yeah, he's the one to catch)
That's where we stand now y'all, keep on keeping on!
PS Thanks for reading, too!!

Hey there film fans,

Here's a belated update for everyone featuring an ALL NEW batch of the world famous Smokey's Scratches.
Before I start though, I gotta scold the 5 of ya that still haven't paid me yet.
Mike C.
For those that want to use pay pal please send $31.50 to the email above.
Checks (for $30) can be sent to me at
Mike Ling
4055 Michael Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90066

Okay, now that's out of the way, onto the scratches.
Doing this round I realized that it's still anyone's game as only 11 scratches separate first from last, but there is one yahoo that might get the top SEVEN flicks ranked correctly so he's the guy to beat as of now (it's a good thing he ain't that close on most of the grosses  : )
Roy  28  (7 scratched this time, but he's got a lot of grosses right in range)
KB  27  (10 scratched this week, 'No Reservations' could be huge for her)
Christian 27  (12 this week...ugh, 2 of em were 'Wedding Daze')
Mike C.  26 (8 this round, but 'Superbad' at #20 could pay off)
Don  25  (10 new ones gone, 'Rush Hour 3' has gotta hit for him)
Corey 24  (11 erased, and RH3 beating out Bourne 3?!...interesting)
Kernan 23  (only 7 gone which seems to be pretty solid this time around)
Troy  23   (9 scratched, & like a LOT of us has gotta pray Pirates can outlast Transformers)
Fran  22  (only 6 x'ed out, has gotta hope 'License' can still finish #19)
Russ 21   (7 kaput, still has a lotta rankings in the top 10 alive though)
Smokey 21  (11 dreams crushed this time, looks like comic-con took it's toll on us 3)
Jamie  20  (9 down the drain with 'the 10' and 'Invasion' still on the list...hmmmm)
Nicole 19  (6 of em flew away this time, among the better showings this time!!)
Duane/Melissa  17  (only ONE?!?...and I looked high and low for more too!!!)
Sean  17  (6 went up in smoke, but if Bourne finishes with $152+ he might have the top EIGHT correct...but like I said, his grosses ain't perfect  : )
That's all I got this time for y'all...have a swell rest of the week and hopefully by next week's update we'll get Don to update the site for everyone!!
Thanx for reading, playing and just being all around good people,
PS  I'd like to tell you all that this week's pick is "The Simpsons" but I haven't seen it yet (a small price to pay for 5 days at the con) so just go out and see "ONCE"  (again)!!


Harry Potter does ok for it's first day....

If setting a record means OK!!!

 Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix earned an estimated $44.755 million on Wednesday making it the biggest Wednesday single-day gross in box-office history. The figure includes $12 million from midnight showings that started Tuesday going on Wednesday.

This tops Sony Pictures' Spider-Man 2 which held the record since 2004 with its $40.442 million take on Wednesday, June 30th of that year.
This should put it on pace to make at least $150 for the weekend and probably fly past $300 for the summer making the top 3 spots in serious jeopardy.
Only 3 peeps have it with $320 or more so look for some more 'scratchin' next week...
Smokey out.


Good afternoon cinema heads,
Ok, this time I've been ASSured by our pal Don that he'll have the website updated before the week ends..fingers crossed you'll all be able to marvel at that very soon!
The emails flooded the inbox after the last scratcher update so here's another one to keep ya busy while awaiting the site update.
Two newer flicks have already bit the dust since last update (Evening & Rescue Dawn) and both Sicko and License to Wed are gonna struggle to make the final top 20, though not everyone with those later two movies has had em scratched off just yet.
A few changes in the list this time with some controversy sure to follow.  Here it be-
Roy   21  (another 5 chances erased, though your 1408 looks solid  $$ & ranking-wise)
Mike C. 18  (no need to scratch off Transformers here)
KB    17  (take away ' Dawn' and only one new scratch here)
Fran  16   (your Ratatouile at $165 is pretty fragile)
Duane  16  (only 3 this time...not too shabby)
Kernan  16  (while your Ratatouille with $88 @ #14 were both scratched this time)
Don  15  ( a big jump up for our slacker webmaster...only 1 gone)
Christian  15  ( a big drop down with Sicko to thank for 2, of 6, scratches)
Troy   14  (getting more and more settled in with just 3 new ones)
Russ  14  (FF2 hurt ya..and me too since I sat thru it!!)
Nicole  13  (only 1, but a $205 Transformers is looking pretty shakey)
Corey  13  (last year's champ is fighting back into contention)
Sean  11   (Transformers #3 could be a HUGE boost for him)
Jamie   11 (last update's champ drops to 2nd, leaving us with a new leader.....
Smokey 10  ( I tried to find more, I SWEAR....but don't worry I've got a lot of things that are about to go so it's still anyone's game...even Roy can still win this thing with not much help!)
There are still FIVE of ya that haven't paid me yet...if you're one of those slackers please get a check in the mail ASAP!!!  Next week, I start to name names!!!!
That's it for now, hope everyone had a swell 4th and kept their fingers attached!!
Thanx for playing and reading this,
PS This week's pick is "Ratatouille"...see it at least 5 times before you even think about seeing "Transformers"!!


Greetings once again film nerds and nerdettes,
First, don't y'all worry I've just talked to our web master (who happens to be Don) and he assures me the site should/could/might be updated this weekend with all the important info for everyone's enjoyment.
Second, thanx for all the great feedback on the last (which was really the first) set of 'Scratches'...the cards and letters were much appreciated (but the letter was just Russ throwing $30 in an envelope for me  : )
Ok, that busy work is out of the way so on to the current round of Smokey's Scratches.
One quick thing, I've already decided that "Nancy Drew" ain't gonna make any noise this year so bad news for the few folks that had the kids flick on their lists.
You know the rules already so here's the all important updates as of last weekend's grosses  {from not so hot to first) .
Roy 16   (5 scratches puts Roy alone at the bottom)
Don 14   (Nancy Drew takes 2 away)
Mike C. 14    (I haven't crossed out HP5 at 349 yet either)
KB 14    (not a good week, dropping 8 more)
Fran 13    (also too a hit, 6 more scratched)
Duane/Melissa 13    (following suit, they drop 7)
Kernan 12    (still hope for Daddy Day Camp)
Nicole 12     (Evan wasn't that almighty)
Troy 11     (only 2 new scratches here)
Corey 10     (3 new ones here, 2 thanx to Evan)
Russ 10     (another 7 scratches victim...damn that Drew gal!!)
Christian 9     (only 1..impressive)
Smokey 9     (4 X'd off...stupid Ark comedy!)
Sean  9      (6 new scratches drops him into 2nd place taking us to the new leader, and rookie...)
Jamie 7   (only 3 scratches...and yes, that Spidey at $625 was done last week!!!)
And before anyone starts to panic...or celebrate....these scratches help to see who's doing Ok at this point but as it's still June, everyone is still very much in this thing.
Which is nice as 5.5 of you have yet to pay me!!
Hopefully we'll get an update from Don email in the next few days as he's a little nicer about these things and therefore folks seem to enjoy his a little more than mine...though I only kid cuz I love ya.
Thanx for playing, reading and hopefully paying,
PS My flick pick this update is "Once"...if you don't at least really like this movie than you have no soul...
which makes you a zombie...
or a vampire...
so that's kinda cool but not exactly what one strives for in life...


Hey movie peeps,

Here's the first edition of "Smokey's Scratches" (as the header already told ya).
Never fear, trusty Don will be back with an official (and more formal) update later on tonight or tomorrow, but for now you're stuck with me and my crazy updating system.  Think of my emails as the "bad cop" and Don's as the "good cop"...which means I get to be Mel and he's Danny Glover!!!
How it works is that as the summer goes along I'll start a final grosses list for the stuff that's opened and use that to cross off rankings & grosses from everyone's lists.
We all have 40 chances to get points (not including the bonuses for getting ranking and also
 gross within $5 million) and these numbers that follow are the number of either catagory I've already decided you're not getting the points on. 
Of course, this is just my own prediction, but I've got over 15 years of doing this so I (kinda) know what I'm talking about...and yes, I have made mistakes in the past so don't come back to say I missed one over the course of the entire summer, it'll happen (but only ONCE!!!  : )
Just to give everyone a peek behind the curtain here's how I see the (probable) top 3 flicks ROUGHLY ending up this summer (thought robots, rats, and wizards could challenge for #3)
#1 Spidey 333
#2 Shrek 315
#3 Pirates 291
Also, "Mr. Brooks", "Bug" and "Hostel 2" ain't gonna make it onto the list this year..sorry to burst your bubble early.
So here's the list after a few weeks (and remember, the lower your number, the better you're doing..though as long as you have as few as 5 options left you're still in the running, I'd say).
In the basement to start things off-
Don with 11 scratched already    (I can safely tell already surf's up ain't doing $165)
Roy  11          (the only person to have Transformers under $130.....)
Mike C.  10      (cept for Mike, who left it off his list!!)
Troy 9             (nothing profound about his list.....yet?!)
Kernan 8         (we've got a Daddy Day Camp sighting...and a scratch waiting to happen!)
Christian 8     (and a Wedding Daze....see above)
Fran 7           (the lone peep with Hairspray breaking $100...very interesting)
Nicole 7         (though she's got Hairspray at an even $100)
Corey 7          (last year's champ off to a slow start)
Duane/Melissa  6          (Underdog at $80 raises some eyebrows)
KB  6         (as does No Reservations at $41...what is that movie anyway?!)
Smokey 5   (however Underdog at $66 seems perfect  ; )
Jamie 4       (and yes, the Spidey for $625 is among the 4 scratches  : )
  and the co-leaders at this VERY early stage
Keeley 3      (the only person to have Pirates #4.....hmmmmmm)
Russell 3       (1 of only 2 vets to get 0 for the summer..nice start this year!!)
So that's that folks, feel free to email me with any questions and don't forget that money is just about due-
checks for $30 can be sent to me at
mike ling
4055 Michael Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066
or you can paypal $31.50 (damn fees!!) to me at the above email address
Thanx for reading and I'll be back in a couple of weeks with another update for all y'alls!!!
Enjoy the summer movies,
PS my pick for date movie of the summer "PARIS, JE T'AIME" 
PPS or "Knocked Up"